New construction homes offer a quality of life and peace of mind that cannot be overstated.
Enjoy expansive floor plans, current designs, latest building technology, and great locations.

New Home Buying Process

Who pays our fees?

Our compensation is paid at closing by the Seller (Builder). Not a dime is required directly from you for our expertise and guidance.

Because so many people use Realtors when purchasing a new home, Builders account for Realtor commissions when establishing base prices for their communities. The base price of the home does not change so you do not pay more if we are involved, and you do not pay less if we aren’t.

That said, we MUST accompany you to the communities on your 1st visit so let’s get started together!


Clint Hale & Jeff Riber

New Home Theory is an exclusively branded, boutique brokerage that offers top-level services exclusively to home buyers interested in new construction. Together, Clint and Jeff have sold hundreds of new construction, renovated, and resale homes. Their combined experience from every side of a transaction adds immense value to both first-time and seasoned buyers on day one.

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Clint Hale and Jeff Riber - Jacksonville Real Estate Agents

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