Skip the anxious weeks (or months) of searching for a used home, and purchase a brand new home with fewer headaches before AND after.

Purchasing a home is a BIG event that is incredibly exciting and stressful at the same time. In today’s market, with shrinking inventory, competitive buyers, and difficult sellers, the stressful parts are only growing. Finding a home is difficult enough, but remember that surveys, title, inspections, and potential repairs and re-negotiations come after contract and cause deals to fall apart all of the time!

Lifestyle Benefits



Keep living your life and don’t stress out chasing multiple buyers to see the same used homes only to get into bidding wars with difficult sellers. Have a brand new home built on a predictable timeframe so you can make plans (or buy one that is already built!).


Move-in Ready

Move-in Ready

Everything works, and everything is clean. You can move in and still take the next weekend off to go to the beach, hike, invite friends over…whatever you want. Enjoy your life.


Repairs and maintenance

Repairs & Maintenance

New homes are built using today’s latest techniques and technology. Many builders will even schedule a 1-month and 1-year walkthrough to make sure the home is performing as designed. No TLC needed here.


Feel Good Feeling

Feel-good Feeling

It simply feels great being the very first person to use a home. Think about it…taking a shower, feeling carpet between the toes, using the appliances, rolling on the floor with the pet or children…no worries about who or what might have done that before you.


Financial Benefits



Today’s energy efficient houses use less energy than typical older homes. Better HVAC systems, windows, and appliances help reduce your monthly utility bills significantly.




Your new home will be built with today’s style and materials. Keep your cash in your pocket and avoid costly renovations.




The importance of a warranty cannot be overstated. This will help keep cash in your pocket when something big breaks.


Up-front costs

Up-Front Costs

Builders usually offer great incentives that can include closing cost assistance (or no closing costs!), reduced or no appraisal fees, and lower inspection fees.